Every BodyActive Belfast

Every BodyActive Belfast

Every Body Active is a four year lottery funded programme designed to encourage people to be more active, more often through sport and active recreation in Northern Ireland.

Sport Northern Ireland has invested £6.2 million in the eleven District Councils across Northern Ireland to provide quality opportunities for participation in sport and active recreation during key life transitions (for example children moving from primary school to post-primary, young people leaving education, having a family, or retiring from work). Every Body Active will aim to increase participation among traditionally underrepresented groups including:

    • Women and girls
    • People with a disability; and
    • Those living in areas of greatest social need

Live Active NI are a delivery partner for the Belfast City Council Every Body Active programme, securing funding for two Active Recreation Officers. Their role will include direct delivery of active recreation opportunities with broader duties related to communicating opportunities, volunteer supervision and event organisation.

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